Performance Pilates

The Thinking Person's Exercise


Performance Pilates
"The thinking person's exercise"

Performance Pilates is a private, boutique studio located in the heart of Wellington's CBD, at 150 Featherston St. It is an airy space with bright, natural lighting and a secluded and relaxed atmosphere. The studio runs one class at a time, with limited numbers, to maximize client attention and feedback, making your lessons personal and comfortable. We provide individual pilates workouts to suit your needs, whether it is goal specific or for general health. 

Wellington's longest running studio. EST. 2002

Winter is here, come and enjoy exercising in our warm, cozy studio! Currently we have space on Saturday mornings and Tuesday mornings, a perfect way to start the day before heading off for a spot of shopping or brunch with friends! Thursday lunch times are also available for different way to spend your lunch hour. Call the studio to make a booking now, and receive a free stretch band to help with stretching your hamstrings!


Long term benefits of Pilates include: 

  • Improved muscle tone, length and strength
  • A stronger centre and lower back stability
  • Greater flexibility, especially of the spine
  • Improved body awareness and postural alignment
  • Improved quality of movement and fine motor control
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Social time!  

 Job Vacancy

We are currently looking for a fully qualified pilates teacher to join our team here at Performance Pilates. 

Please email through the website, or get in touch directly by calling 04 473 0404.


Client Testimonials

"I have been at Performance Pilates for several years and like the professional way the studio is run. Performance Pilates has made a huge difference to my physical well being, my posture has improved significantly and I have become more body aware. The classes are up to four people so the attention is very personal and friendly." - Rosemary, September 2016

“My relationship with Ellena Conland and Performance Pilates goes back over 10 years.  I've tried pilates in other settings and with a variety of instructors over the years but I've always found Ellena and her team to be the best.  They take great care to identify what my needs are and ensure that the exercises and equipment I use are tailored to meet those needs.  Whether it's in a mat class or a studio session I know I'll be guaranteed individual attention as I improve my strength, flexibility and body tone.  I always feel lighter and taller after a session there and I enjoy the company of the smaller groups and classes compared with larger providers.” Karen, August 2015


            "The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit." - Joseph H Pilates.